New Gospel Drill artist Zandz enters the scene with first single, ‘Spiritual Season’

London-based Gospel Rapper Zandz has dropped the music video for his first single, ‘Spiritual Season’. At 16 years old, he is the youngest Gospel Drill artist on the scene bringing a fresh style to the genre as well as a fire for God.

Made in collaboration with Aligned Vision and PD, the video comes with stunning visuals in the London area and a stylistic play on colour. The song itself brings very real and sincere lyrics – his flow and delivery that he really means what he says. In life, we’re often presented with the choice, to follow the ways of God or the ways of sin – the clear message of his lyrics when he spits, “got an option in life, don’t risk it”.

When asked about the song, Zandz said that “it comes from a place of pain and is aimed at a Christian girl who really changed my life for the worse. The aim of the song is to inspire Christian girls to look for guys who are walking in Christ, and not to ruin their lives by chasing after men who will lead them into a path of sin.”

Zandz is part of Goons 4 God, a ministry with the aim of spreading the gospel to gang members. It was Goons 4 God that inspired Zandz to rap about Jesus, so he got to work on making music and is now at a stage where he’s confident enough to call himself a rapper.

Originally from Plaistow, East London, Zandz grew up in gang culture. However, after getting arrested at age 14, he decided to leave that lifestyle behind and live his life for Jesus. Stay up to date with all that he’s up to on Instagram and TikTok.