New Dwan Hill single brings fresh, tangible portrayal of Jesus’ 2nd coming

Dwan Hill releases his new single Mansion, a groove-infused song that showcases Hill’s musical skill and highly creative approach to worship music. Having always been interested in Jesus’ use of the word “mansion” in the Scriptures and finding out the translation of the original word to be closer to “many rooms” through studying, Dwan Hill chose to use the King James’s description as inspiration and metaphor. From it, the Nashville-based singer-songwriter created an illustration of the restoration of all things in the new heaven and earth at Christ’s return.

The joyous soundscape holds the theological backbone of the songs, bringing listeners to grasp the wonder of Jesus’ return afresh. “I wanted to bring a fresh, tangible portrayal of [Christ’s] second coming, one that looked forward to the beauty of our renovated world to come and the revelation of Christ’s eternal kingdom, which will truly and literally be heaven on earth,” Hill says. Mansion is meant to bring fresh expectation, in the midst of the trauma and catastrophe in the world at-large, for the people of God to sound a clarion call about the hope in eternal life through Christ. 

“In no way do I support escapism or a disregard for immediate reality,” Hill concludes, “but I do believe Christ is the present-day answer to the troubles we face, and His imminent return is a future reality in which we should all place our hope.” 

Mansion was co-produced by Kevin Dailey, marking the first time Hill invited someone to produce his music alongside him.