New album “JESUS” by Germany’s leading worship group Outbreakband

Germany’s leading worship group Outbreakband release their new album “JESUS“. In an ever increasingly confusing world, the band strip it back to the answer found in one name. Juri Friesen, head of Outbreakband, describes it like this: “Someone once asked me what my inspiration is and I simply said Jesus! It’s so simple and yet so powerful. He is the source of all inspiration and stands for everything good in this world.” 

Outbreakband‘s new album was created with both the Church and the community in mind, crafting songs intended for worship and people simply looking for a chilled out soundtrack. Despite its puristic title, the album offers variety of genres from acoustic and classic worship tracks, genuine moments captured live, and 80’s vibes to progressive dance sounds. JESUS” ​​is an expression of the next step Outbreakband has taken, bringing new German worship songs into the Christian landscape. The album concentrates on God the Son and the Father, but it also addresses topics such as hopelessness and searching for the truth. 

JESUS” is a theologically sound project with innovative songwriting reminding the listeners: “Jesus loves you. He is the way out. He is our oasis. He is the name above all names. He is the door to the Father.”