Nashville band Local Sound release new single ‘Forevermore’

May saw the release of Local Sound’s awaited EP “To The King”, yet the Nashville-based band are not stopping there as they introduce a brand new single! ‘Forevermore’ is a fresh and spacious track, starting with a relaxed soundscape that evolves into an upbeat song filled with Local Sound’s trademark energy. ‘Forevermore’ has elements of pop rock and soft electronic tones, which complement the uplifting lyrics perfectly. With this new song, Local Sound dive into the theology of Hope – where Jesus’ life-changing death and resurrection take centre stage and remind us of what life and eternity are truly about. 

‘Forevermore’ is a declaration of love and worship to the Lord, encouraging followers of Christ to choose praise in all circumstances. Local Sound hope to inspire listeners to see the beauty, sweetness, and awe of God with this new track, and to choose to worship him forevermore.