Nails hammered through his hand, beaten with baseball bats…


How sick could you get? To torture an innocent 13 year old boy and get your kicks out of it. According to Mail Online, 34 year old Viviana Gunn severely tortured her 13 year old brother-in-law. Over the course of one year, Mrs Gunn put her brother-in-law Jordan Gunn through a series of ordeals. From beating him unconscious with a baseball bat, to leaving him naked in a dog house without food or water for three days. It goes to show that hatred even among family is alive and well.

My sympathy goes out to the young man who was abused my his own family, It is incredible isn’t it. Your own flesh and blood will betray you and treat like an outcast. In biblical times, If we compare the treatment young Jordan received to what the lepers had to go through, there are similarities. My question is, Why is our world so cold? Think about it.

Thanks to justice, Viviana and her husband have been sentenced to 34 years in jail for what they did. Jordan’s own brother is to be sentenced soon for the same crime. This should be a lesson to all reading. Work to live with a clean conscience. More proof of the prophesies about the last days when people will turn against each other, even with the family.

Watch out, for then shall you know…

Michael A

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