My Top 5 USA Countdown #5 – Christon Gray

christon gray 614

Over the next 5 days I’m going to be sharing my personal top 5 non UK artists and a little on why I love their music so much… #5 is Christon Gray.

Christon Gray has created and featured in some of my favourite songs of all time. His ability to write powerful lyrics with melodies and harmonies that compliment every song he writes, or is a part of, is something that is certainly rare. And he can spit. Most artists that sing and rap, tend to neglect one skill or the other, however, Christion Gray clearly isn’t like ‘most’ artists. It’s clear that he really does craft his lyrics and brings his best… every time.

Check out the W.L.A.K. Cypher below. You’ll know which one he is!

Josh de Thierry