My Top 5 USA Countdown #2 – Thi’sl

Thisl 614x350

Over the past few days I have started sharing my personal top 5 non UK artists and a little on why I love their music so much… #2 is Thi’sl.

Thi’sl has put out nothing but heat since he stepped on the scene. He brings an incredible testimony that is interwoven throughout his music while passionately showing his gratitude for Jesus. This passion really does make his music contagious and I must have replayed his previous album ‘Free From The Trap’, on it’s own for at least a month or two, easily! His songs often tell stories of his best and worst moments in life and encourage people that are struggling and lead them to hope aka Jesus.

Thi’sl has also recently released a short movie called Fallen King, which is also the same title of his latest project that is available now in all good digital stores. The movie talks about the sinful nature of humans and how we yearn to become kings, yet in our search we become fallen… you can watch it here.

Below is ‘Motivation’ from ‘Free From The Trap’.

Josh de Thierry