Music Review: ‘Spirit Come’ by Sarah Téibo

Award-winning worship leader, songwriter, and gospel artist Sarah Téibo has just released her latest track ‘Spirit Come‘. This beautiful song speaks both plainly and powerfully about the desire for the presence and help of the Holy Spirit. Drawing from multiple biblical truths such as Acts 2:2 (Holy Spirit as a mighty wind), 1 Corinthians 3:16 (we are God’s temple and he dwells within us) and Matthew 28:19 (the great commission), this song is most relevant for our daily walk with the Lord and any other circumstances we may find ourselves trapped in. This is what Sarah has to say about this song:

” ’Spirit Come’ is a heartfelt prayer for God’s spirit to move in these unsettling times touching hearts, restoring families and bringing healing to nations.”

Beyond the music, this song is a declaration of God’s mighty strength and the need for His presence to pour out into our world and our generation. A call for partnership with the Holy Spirit in order to fulfil God’s calling. Sarah sings “Break our walls and rebuild us, Make us your house … set our hearts on fire, help us proclaim your word with power.”

Musically, the dynamic flow of each section appropriately accommodates the emotion of the words. By starting off with the chorus, she establishing the heart of the song right away. The bridge, however, took a surprising turn as it quickly shifted the song beautifully into a strong gospel harmony, contrary to the more familiar arrangement that makes up the verses and chorus.

This is perhaps a song that some of us need to hear right now. However beautifully written and sung, it is more than just a song. It is a prayer of this generation for this time.

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