Music Review: I Owe You – Abi Jopson

One Man In The Middle brings you regular, unbiased and honest reviews of music albums and EPs from Christian artists and musicians in the UK and worldwide. Here we have I Owe You by Abi Jopson with an overall review score of 7.4 out of 10.

Album Information:

I am a young, aspiring songwriter, who has had a love of all things musical ever since I was little. I started learning to play guitar during my teenage years and I love writing music. I have been singing with my dad since I can remember and he accompanies me in live performances now.

Song writing is a lot more than an emotional outlet for me; it is a way to be real and honest with people about situations in my life and hopefully to give a good testimony as a Christian.

My first album is called I Owe You, and it is all about how we owe God, our creator, everything. The songs on this album have been written through different experiences I have had growing up and I hope they can encourage, support and guide people as they may go through similar things.


Earlier this year Abi Jopson released “I Owe You” a preview single from this her debut album. That release reached number 10 in the iTunes Christian chart music chart and 8th in the May chart of UK Christian singles from AStepFWD. So this debut artist has already started to make an impact in the UK scene, not bad for a 19 year old from Devon.

The album begins with a piano before the guitar kicks in and Abi’s vocals come in singing about the “Tainted Picture” that we see in this world, that is airbrushed and gives us a bad view of ourselves because we don’t measure up. On listening to this album it is easy to hear the influence of Abi’s favourite Christian singer, Philippa Hanna. In fact that major influence is evident on many different tracks throughout this album.

This album shows her church background as she sings about a “God Shaped Hole” and “One Set Of Footprints”, which are titles tinged with church sentiment. In “God Shaped Hole” along with a few other tracks it is hard to separate the vocal from the backing, this makes the sound very flat and could have used a bit more space between them the really make the vocal stand clear of the music. “One Set of Footprints” refers to the popular poem “Footprints” as Abi looks at different things in her life and looking back can see how God has helped her. She acknowledges the ways she tries to help herself when in reality she needs to trust God. A sentiment that we can all understand and agree with!

“What Kind of Man” asks what kind of man would give up His friends, what kind of man would choose torture for death? This asks some great questions about the nature of Jesus’ sacrifice. It also happens to be vocally a very pleasing arrangement and shows off her versatile vocals. Another track that demonstrates something different is “I Need You” which has a brilliant latin style and a different inflection to Abi’s voice which suits perfectly.

There is an emotional depth which goes beyond her 19 years that can be found in “Always In My Heart” which deals with the times when a loved one passes away. In fact this maturity comes through many of these songs, especially on the latter half of the album. “Make A Difference” and “The One That I Can Depend On” both bring a more rock / pop styling to the album.

There is plenty on this album for lovers of Christian music. Abi is not ashamed to talk about her need for a Saviour, but also to talk honestly about some places where she faces struggles. I would like to think that this is just the beginning of an artist who will be able to establish herself in the Christian music scene and I hope that she is able to keep the positive attitude that in communicated through this album. As she matures I think the style will develop and she has already been taken under the wing of other local artists LED who have given her some assistance. Abi has some of the sounds of Philippa Hanna but she needs to be careful to find her own musical style. This album certainly shows that she is starting off in the right direction.

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