Positive and Sajan Nauriyal latest guests on “Where In The World?”

Where In The World? is a brand new live interview series from A Step FWD which aims to connect with individuals around the globe ‘bringing the world a little closer home’. The conversations explore the culture around each guest, talking food, signature sights, practices and of course faith dynamics.

In the last episode of WITW, host Carla Adebekun was joined by Musician, Producer & Songwriter Sajan Nauriyal as well as multi-award winner Positive, in an interview that can only be described as truly authentic.

Sajan blessed us from Tennessee in the US, while Positive joined us from Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. We had a real blend of cultures and heard about interesting cultural differences within countries, (for example The Seattle Freeze vs the warmer atmosphere in Nashville) and between countries, for example the staple Nashville Hot Chicken vs Roti and Curry Chicken. Differences aside, one key thing that the two guests showed they had in common is a heart for Christ and a mandate to reflect His glory through music.

Following his recent winning of five well-deserved Caribbean Gospel Marlin Awards, Positive told us how losing two dear family members birthed his ministry and helped him to embody what it means to have joy after sorrow. In a similar way, through dealing with situations that would have kept most of us down and out, Sajan was able to use his trials to recognise that the Lord is always kind, and He is always close. The two artists emphatically agreed that walking in relationship with God means you feel privileged to be able to rejoice in the midst of trials. Powerful testimonies that they both reflect in their music.

Although representing different cultures, it was encouraging to see the agreement that you can have joy, (regardless of your circumstance) by staying close to God and allowing Him to transform your mind to get you to a place where you’re focusing on Him and not on your circumstance. Thankfully, both artists reside in areas where Christian music is respected and celebrated, which means we can look forward to hearing more music that reflects their beliefs, that helps to bridge the gap between genres; and that even helps to bridge the gap between believers and non-believers.

Sajan recently dropped a new single ‘Next To Me’ and Positive kept us on edge as he told us he’s working on new music with some collabs to watch out for. Click below to watch this episode of Where In The World?