Mr Ekow releases ‘The Cosmic Journey’ with profits going to Nepal…

Mr Ekow

Following on from the release of last years ‘Ekow Chamber’, comes Mr Ekow’s latest album ‘The Cosmic Journey” and we talked to him to find out more!

From the moment you push play you are immediately hit with the electronically infused hip-hop beats that carry Ekow’s composed flow.  Throughout the project there is a particular emphasis on his impressive lyricism as the synths create a space, drawing the listeners attention to his voice.

The album has a range of songs, showing Ekow’s ability to craft an album to tell a narrative effectively. From the calm and reflective ‘Goodbye/ Reach ft. Rhetorical’ to the upbeat song ‘Causation’, one thing that is particularly notable, is that even with the more upbeat songs, Ekow keeps flowing with his contemplative thoughts. To me this is really refreshing as what you often see in a lot of hype tracks or upbeat songs, is a watering down of the message, or a track that lacks meaning. This hasn’t happened here.

aStepFWD was able to ask Mr Ekow a few brief questions about his project.

What does the ‘Cosmic Journey’ symbolise?

I guess in a personal sense it captures pretty well where I’m at in life right now – finished Uni almost 2 years ago and searching for the next ‘thing’ be it with God, career, responsibility etc. In a broader sense it symbolises a journey away from focusing on self to others…”

If people could only take 1 thing away from your latest album, what would you want that to be?

That we shouldn’t get too attached to what we’re comfortable with – there’s a much bigger world outside of your comfort zone and God wants to use us there.

Make sure that you pick up The Cosmic Journey now! Mr Ekow has also decided that all profits will be going towards helping those in Nepal so make sure you support HERE.

Josh de Thierry

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