Mr Ekow is at his most honest and vulnerable in latest single ‘No Man’s Land’

The latest single from London youth worker and lyricist Mr Ekow is titled ‘No Man’s Land’ and is his most honest and vulnerable to date. This is his coming out story. Taking the audience by the hand, Ekow painstakingly paints his every thought and emotion over stripped back melancholy production.

Combine an endless imagination with down-to-earth sensibilities and you’ve got Mr Ekow. Taking inspiration from faith, people watching and everything in-between, he weaves together the everyday and the fantastical in gripping rhymes. Growing up in Croydon as a 90s baby, he was strongly influenced by the tail end of Golden Era Hip Hop and the ascent of UK grime and rap. The end result is a versatile, jazzy and lyrically sharp rapper who loves to get a crowd vibing.

The journey of ‘No Man’s Land’ is one in which we hear him struggle to reconcile his faith and sexuality and in turn battle with depression and suicidal thoughts. The song features production from Nathan Prospect with electric guitar played by Jacob Hilton.

Having made the decision to come out in late 2017, Mr Ekow wrote the song in the following months, hoping to capture what led him to his decision. The rapper shares some of his thoughts on the song:

“Having grown up in church, I was well accustomed to hearing that Christianity and being gay didn’t mix. So I hid how I felt. I mostly suffered in silence, while feeling like I was being torn in two separate directions by my head and heart. This song isn’t just a shout for attention. Nor is it a theological argument. This song is a chance for people to enter into my story. A story that I’ve found is all too similar amongst many LGBTQ Christians. This is a chance to be reminded of the humanity behind the issue, no matter what stance you may take. Although it’s quite a dark song, it now feels like a flipside to the happiness I’ve found since fully accepting myself. I don’t expect everyone to accept me, but I hope listeners of all backgrounds are able to see things from a different perspective.”

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The song is available to stream and buy from all major digital retailers.