Mother’s miracle healing inspires Mariette Davina’s album

My mum has been on long term pain medication for many years after an initial operation went horribly wrong. One morning, I found her collapsed on the floor – she had lost consciousness. I called the paramedics and they arrived within minutes to spare before she stopped breathing and could possibly have died at the scene.

The paramedics managed to intubate her on the scene and she was airlifted to ICU. At this point, she had already slipped into a deep coma with zero sign of life and only a machine breathing for her.  In ICU, She looked as white as a sheet, with no sign of life in her and with no natural hope of survival. The coma went on for 9 LONG days with people praying 24/7 for her. It was a very dark period in my life and I felt trapped in the nightmare of possibly being left alone without my best friend and prayer partner – my beautiful mother. BUT GOD gave me a Word in Psalm 118:17 that she would live and not die, and testify of the goodness of God. I clung on to that promise despite the numerous challenges ahead and despite all the negative signs in the natural. On both occasions that the consultants tried to extubate her, she nearly died because her throat was so swollen and no air could get through. While all this was going on and my mum was still under, she met with angels on several occasions who ministered to her and comforted her and spoke to her. Fast forward 3 weeks – my mum came out of the coma and was discharged from hospital. If God can rescue my mum from pre-mature death – He can do the impossible in your life too. Whatever you are believing God for, stand on His Word and take it as the final authority in your life. No matter how much the circumstances in your life are screaming at you otherwise, continue to speak His Word, and they WILL change!

I cherish every day that I have been given with my mum and am so grateful to the faithfulness of our precious Father God. She has definitely been given a second chance in life and prayer works!”

The story above was sent in to us from Mariette Davina – a prophetic worship singer and composer, with an emphasis on soaking music. She has an Honours Degree in Music from the University of South Africa. After landing a record deal, her debut album was nominated for Best Classical Album. Her music has been played on BBC Radio 2, TBN UK and God TV, and she has led worship at Parliament UK. 

Mariette spent 3 years in Bible school, and now makes guest appearances around the country with a focus on spontaneous, soaking worship. She has recently released her second UK album simply entitled VOLUME 2 and is only available from her website via CD or digital download.

Songs on the album such as ‘My Rescuer’, ‘Heaven on Earth’ and ‘Time to Dream’ were written after the miracle of her mother’s healing. Connect with Davina via here website: