More new music from Sarah Téibo in the run-up to EP release

Sarah Téibo teases fans with another single – ‘Baba O’ – as she gears up for the release of her fourth studio project and EP. ‘Baba O’ the second single on Sarah Téibo’s upcoming EP “Human Like Me”, is a groovy fusion of traditional and modern Afrobeats sounds, featuring elements of Afropop and Afrosoul.

With its catchy, uplifting hook and simple yet inspiring lyrics, ‘Baba O’ is the kind of song that leaves listeners both energised and relaxed.

“I am so grateful to be back to doing what gives me the most joy and sense of purpose – making music. I
also feel truly privileged to have been joined in studio by some friends – including Calledout Music – to write this song,”
Sarah recounts following recent struggles with her voice after an episode with thyroid cancer.

‘Baba O’ is definitely one to have on repeat as we look forward to more sunny days if you’re in the UK, and is now available for streaming and download from all digital music platforms.

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