‘Missionary Anthem’ is latest release from YWAM Kona Music

YWAM Kona Music is the worship team and soundtrack for this heart-fire movement located in Kona, Hawaii. The birth of their newest release, ‘Missionary Anthem’ by Hannah and Seth Yates of YWAM Kona Music is a story of self-discovery and obedience. Hannah found herself longing for an obedient life over an adventurous one. During a quiet solitary moment by a dying fire in an empty living room, her realization ignited the lyrics of the chorus, “For the Lamb has conquered, I will follow Him, to the ends of the earth, I will follow Him.” As the words flowed, the fire next to her rekindled, symbolizing a renewed passion for her missionary life. Through “Missionary Anthem”, Hannah and Seth hope to bring a message of purpose and urgency to the Church. They say, “Songs about the Great Commission can inspire the body of Christ, connecting hearts to Jesus on the Cross, the power of His blood, and the hope that all nations have in Him.”

‘Missionary Anthem’ is a testament to obedience. It’s a reminder of our duty to follow the Lamb no matter where He leads. It’s an anthem reminding us that we are all part of a greater mission and that together, we can bring hope to every corner of the world.

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