Millions “Should not be in A&E…”


Should the public be the denied access to A&E? In a recent interview with Professor Keith Willett, the National Director for Acute Episodes of Care explained that there was a lot of pressure on the A&E department.

To relieve that pressure, reforms were going to be written advising  patients needing attention to be treated at home or on the roadside by ambulance services, GP’s or even pharmacists rather than requesting hospital care. From a public point of view, it may seem as though what one may deem as needing emergency care may now be revoked because they may be advised otherwise by a consultant. The problem of the public losing trust in the national healthcare becomes an issue among many others.

What do you think? Do you agree that this is a system that should be implemented or not? How will this affect the vulnerable or elderly? What should the church do or say to this news?

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Michael A