Michael Personne dazzles with ‘Elegy’ from upcoming project

Michael Personne, formerly known as Entitled enters the new year with new track ‘Elegy‘ – a dazzling display of lyrical skills – as he expresses thoughts of depression, and addiction misplaced identity.

Speaking of the song, Michael expressed, “Having been raised in church, I’ve seen that there is a tendency for talented people’s identities to be build upon their gifting. People are often given platforms and are elevated to positions of prominence without their hearts and character’s having been processed. A large part of this is that we often tie peoples ‘purpose’ to their gifting’. Although purpose and gifting are interlinked, I believe that there needs to be a greater emphasis on the fact that our primary and ultimate purpose is to become like Jesus Christ. Any secondary purpose must flow from an identity that is rooted in Him. In this track, I draw upon a combination of some of my own experiences as well as the experiences of others in order to illustrate the slow death that results from having a ‘gift-based identity’. Ironically, death is the very thing needed in order for such individuals to be freed from the bondage caused by a misplaced identity. The amazing thing is that death of self is merely the beginning of a new life in which our identities are founded upon the finished work of Jesus Christ and our sonship before the Father.”

Produced by Z.Will for Blu Majic Beat Co, Michael enters the song without hesitance using rhythmic rhyming cadence laced with alliterations over trippy to express his subject matter.  It truly sits within the classic hip hop genres style times past, drawing from soul and jazz influences seamlessly pulling through emotions towards an acapella finish.

The video accompanying the music is co directed by Dalton Demaret-Smith & Michael Personne alongside Roger Moore of GL360, who also filmed, edited and produced the visual.

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