Michael Kiggundu (aka MUNDU) declares all I want ‘Is You’

Having spent his early years singing in a choir and creating Christian Rap and Hip-Hop, 20-year-old Michael Kiggundu (aka MUNDU), the ever-imaginative Alt-R&B singer, songwriter and producer from South London, has been creating kaleidoscopic sounds since 2011 and honing his musical ability since the age of 15.

According to his bio, whilst preparing to start working on his Marketing degree at the University of Hertfordshire, MUNDU decided to leave Christian-based music and went on to privately focus on music that spoke true to his own personal experiences and tastes, including heavy electronic elements to create a psychedelic sound that could still live within the realms of R&B and Soul today. By late 2014, MUNDU was ready to publicly return to the world of music after a year-long hiatus, with a unique sound that is gradually generating interest and attracting lovers of music over time.

On June 29th 2015, MUNDU released his debut EP entitled ‘Qrush’ since his re-introduction, which sonically detailed his encounters with depression, his love-hate relationship with the antipsychotic Quetiapine, amongst other things.

Having already received plays on BBC 1Xtra, RoundHouse Radio and Break London within the first months of his return, as well as the stamp of approval from online tastemakers such as Solange Knowle’s Saint Heron, Okayplayer and many more, MUNDU is gradually spreading an atmospheric and hypnotising sound that is gaining the attention of the underground and the interest of music lovers throughout the UK.

Have another listen to MUNDU’s ‘Is You’. We all can appreciate good music and this definitely qualifies, right?