MellorD’s Goliath is certainly a huge chart climbing EP so get it now!


Yesterday, Manchester based artist MellorD released his highly anticipated project ‘Goliath’, and it didn’t fail to impress.

MellorD; a rapper, singer and designer released his EP ‘Goliath’ yesterday and it reached an incredible 22nd overall on the Hip-Hip/ Rap iTunes charts, and is still climbing now.

From the huge introduction to the incredible remix of the title track ‘Goliath’, the EP features fast, tight flows over the hard beats throughout the project, which coincides with the incredible lyrics that he writes. Songs like ‘You Make Me Happy’ offers a reflective mood and the song talks about the stress and anxiety that life can often bring.

When aStepFWD got in touch with MellorD, he said that if listeners could get one thing out of the project it would be that “a struggle is inevitable and furthermore is unavoidable. It’s how we respond to that struggle that often determines who we are and so I just wanted to encourage people to be real and to confront their fears and failures.”

While writing the EP he also confessed that more he studied life’s scars and tried to reflect them in his music, “the more I appreciated them for the lessons that they had taught me, not just about myself but about the God I serve.”

The EP clearly reflects these desires, and his heart to see people overcome the trials and tribulations of life is also what helps make the EP so captivating.

The EP features many different artists including Guvna B, Josh Green (Of Twelve24) and Sam Mellor. Also on the huge remix of Goliath, we see Breaker, Twelve24 and Faith Child join MellorD to tear up the track.

The EP is out now and is available on all good digital stores today.

Click here to purchase now, and listen to the title track ‘Goliath’ below!

Josh de Thierry

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