Meet our Top 10 Christian Chart’s first Music Researcher!

Almost halfway into 2014 and we must say it has been so far filled with 10,000 x 10,000 blessings and still counting. At the beginning of this year, we introduced the Step FWD UK Top 10 Christian Chart and jumped fully into the challenges and joys such an amazing project brought with it.

With top tracks from Adam & Kid, Twelve 24, Guvna B, Jahaziel, S.O. and Natalie Phillips to name a few in the 2013 Top 10 Chart, we have since come across over 150 artists and musicians from all across the UK with hundreds of music being submitted. And we have only been around for a little over a year.

Thank you for the overwhelming support and encouragement for an initiative that although arduous, is extremely rewarding. Least of all is the fact that we are first blessed by listening and sharing the gifting of the many talented new and seasoned artists whose music we have heard. Every stage of the charting process has now been carefully tested, checked and tweaked. It has taken us till now to release the first chart for 2014 but there can be no compromise on getting a robust system that is ultimately focused on glorifying God and bringing the hearer into closer contact with the Maker and His principles.

Towards this end we are taking on volunteers and would like to introduce you to the first of such. He says, “Music has been a prevalent influence in my life since a very young age, being that my father is a foremost Gospel Singer/Songwriter in a little known island called Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon.) As a result and due to my love for music and helping people, I find myself now managing artists, producers and musicians”. He went on to proclaim, “God gives more than you can dream or imagine and I never thought I would be here”.

Jonathan is also a Youth Worker by trade and now setting up his own youth work company with a close friend which he claims to have been a tumultuous task to say the least. He acknowledges however that “…it is through the journey over the years and said friend (Alex) that God has allowed in my life, that I have gained the strength to go out and do this work. In doing so I have found more faith and peace to ‘rest’ in Him who is able”. His responsibilities will include researching and identifying new music and artists, supporting fresh talent across the country. He can be contacted on or via our contact form.

Jonathan greatly anticipates his role as a Music Researcher for the Step FWD UK Top 10 Christian Chart and had a few words of encouragement for all who read this to “step out in faith, step forward into your destiny”.

Join us in welcoming to the Step FWD team and the UK Christian music scene, Jonathan Luchow, the faithful tambourine player in his father’s worship team in a rural mud hut.

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