Means punches hard with latest release ‘Raw Hustle Pt.1’

Means Music, one third of the Hope Dealers trio, punches through with another lyrically sound release titled ‘Raw Hustle Pt.1’. There is something about this rapper and indeed the collective that never fails to make us smile and its not just the workrate which is exceptional.

It may have something to do with the fact that they have been and remain consistent amidst a scene that is inundated with talent. Talent that is so heavily influenced by popular culture they will sometimes do anything and say anything to be seen and heard. Talent that most times yearns too much for the money, the fancy cars and other trappings of success. contacted Means to ask where the inspiration for the track came from and he replied, Raw Hustle is a movement/business started by two of my close friends that play football. They vlog their craft thrugh social media in an attempt to show the hard work they put into the game and to inspire others in whatever field they may be in.

He continued, “This is where the freestyle series is inspired from. I’ve given it that name because ‘raw hustle’ isn’t just for footballers, it’s a lifestyle. The series is also a run up to our bigger releases as Hope Dealers.”

Amidst this generation Means continues to be a ray of hope. Long may he shine!

O’Neil Dennis