Matthew Pearce – ETERNITY ft Elisha Pearce

Matthew Pearce was raised in church and has been involved in music from a young age. He grew up watching his dad produce music and play the keyboard in church. His dad taught him how to produce music and at the age of 14 he began to make his own beats and instrumentals.

His talent and many skills are undeniable as he writes his own lyrics, sings and raps on his own songs and produces his own music. Talent seems to run right through the whole family as his sister Elisha Pearce also sings on many of his tracks.

Matthew commented “My songs have a Christian message in the lyrics and are written to inspire and help people”. This is definitely very obvious in his single Eternity ft. Elisha Pearce where the lyrics illustrate God talking to us as you can see from the sample below:

I’ll hold you, cause from day one I’ve known you
And from day one I chose you, And you just aint had no clue
So I wanna let you know that, I’ll never let you go, and you’ll never be alone’

‘I’m gonna hold you, And I’ma show you,
What you mean to me, I’ll love you for eternity’

Beautiful lyrics describing the eternal love story, from an extraordinary young man who is as humble as he is talented. The UK Christian Music Scene definitely needs more of the kind like Matthew. An artist to keep an eye on and pray for as he uses his gifts to spread the good news and shine a light for his peers.

Click the links below for find out more about him and his calling.

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