Matt Redman combines songs to create a heartfelt and fresh worship experience 

Matt Redman combines one of his earliest songs, ‘Better is One Day’ inspired by Psalm 84, with ‘Facedown’ to create a heartfelt and fresh worship experience. With an overall theme of reverence and presence, the pairing brings together two songs with the same tempo and key that “fit together beautifully and effortlessly,” said Redman, making it his favorite track on his forthcoming live collection album. At the end of the song, the chorus of ‘Better is One Day’ and bridge of ‘Facedown’ overlap, creating a beautiful call and response moment.

Redman hopes this new version will empower congregations to encounter the presence of God. “We will always need songs of ‘encounter’ in the Church. There are various dynamics in worship – singing about God or singing to God – but it’s essential that alongside these we also embrace the idea of ‘encounter’ – songs that carry an expectation that as we draw near to God, He will truly draw near to us.”

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