Matt Redman announces the release of new single ‘Son of Suffering’

Following the live performance earlier on this year during his headline slot at Big Church Day Out, Matt Redman has now announced the release of the new single ‘Son of Suffering’. The official release date is September 23rd ahead of his upcoming album. The live festival video is now available courtesy of TBN UK and features backing choir, MOBO Awarding-winning Volney Morgan & New Ye.

Check out the lyrics for ‘Son of Suffering’ below:

Oh the perfect Son of God 
In all His innocence 
Here walking in the dirt with you and me 
He knows what living is 
He's acquainted with our grief 
Man of sorrows, Son of Suffering 

Blood and tears How can it be 
There's a God who weeps 
There's a God who bleeds 
Oh praise the One 
Who would reach for me 
Hallelujah to the Son of Suffering 

Some imagine You 
Are distant and removed 
But You chased us down in merciful pursuit 
To the sinner You were grace 
And the broken You embraced 
And in the end the proof is in Your wounds 
Yes in the end the proof is in Your wounds 

Your cross, my freedom 
Your stripes, my healing 
All praise King Jesus 
Glory to God in Heaven 
Your blood still speaking 
Your love still reaching 
All praise King Jesus 
Glory to God forever

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