Martin Smith releases brand new single ‘Garment Of Praise’

As he releases his brand new single Garment Of Praise the legend that is Martin Smith shares his thoughts on the significance of clothing as a representation of divine covering and blessing. Drawing from biblical narratives and personal reflections, he delves into the spiritual implications of garments in the lives of believers and encourages us to put that one on. In his own words…

In the Bible there seems to be a lot of talk about clothing.

For some reason, it has significance and seems to represent the ‘covering’ of God upon our lives and also his blessing.

Elisha the Old Testament prophet (2 Kings Ch 2 vs 13) found Elijah’s cloak. He put it on… I’m sure it kept him warm but more than that it represented Elijah’s anointing or in ‘spiderman’ language he took on the older prophets ‘superpowers!’

Kings wore robes to demonstrate their tribe, lineage and authority.

People wore sackcloth (basically potato bags) when there was a death or because they felt the shame of their sin.

Even shoes get a mention. John the Baptist famously pronounced in Matthew Ch 3 ‘But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry’ …a prelude to the ‘shoes of the Gospel!’

In Isaiah Ch 61 it talks about another very special garment.

The Garment of Praise

It says ‘to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair’

So where does ‘one’ get one of these coats?

I’m pretty sure Prada and Louis Vuitton weren’t trading in Isaiah’s time so where on earth could you get such a thing?

Well, the thing is you can’t buy one, it’s priceless, in fact it makes Prada look like sackcloth. (No offence to the brilliant Italian designers by the way!)

It’s not physical, you can’t hold it because it’s invisible, it’s a gift from heaven.

Why on earth would we wear such a garment if no one can see it?

After all these years I’ve realized one thing. That I’m human, I’m happy

and I’m broken.

I’d like to think that what I portray in public is a mirror of my life in private but it’s not always the case.

I get scared, I feel insecure, I worry about finances, I doubt God, I feel anger, I feel loneliness, I get jealous and I hurt people along with a million other things.


That’s why I need this cloak.

It’s the Garment of Salvation

It’s the coat that helps me pray ‘I lift my eyes to the mountains, for where does my help come from’.

I need saving, every day I need saving, every day I need God, every day I choose to clothe myself in HIS salvation.

My salvation is Jesus.

So when I put on that Garment of Praise I’m covering myself in ‘him’, in Christ.

I wrap it around my sin and failure and I am redeemed and born again.

It covers my heart, my marriage, my children, my community, my life.

When I wear it I feel heaven’s joy. Not the ‘joy’ you feel at a Coldplay concert (it was unbelievable by the way and CM is the world’s worship leader) but an ancient, eternal, other-worldly sense of ecstasy and freedom.

It’s the oil of gladness.

There’s only one thing that God can’t do or ‘won’t’ do.

Only one thing.

He won’t put the garment on for you.

WE have to do that.

Like Elisha, we have to pick it up and put it on.

No one can do that for us… we choose every day to praise him.

It requires a certain amount of ‘foolishness’ to worship God through seasons of pain but it’s the best medicine. Once the garment is on we have a revelation of how GREAT God is and how anything that’s good in our lives comes from him.

That can make you dance alright. It’s time to move our feet again because it’s the sound of freedom.

So be brave.

Put on that garment.

It’s not an emotional decision but what we do because we’re grateful.

Grateful to be saved.

Grateful to be heirs of God.

We are sons and daughters caught up in the greatest love story of all.

In the kingdom of God, things are always upside down.

The last will be first etc.

King David risked his Kingly respect and dignity to run through the streets of Jerusalem in his loin cloth… just to honour his God and the return of the ark of the covenant.

It’s time for us to join him.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, rich, poor, lower or upper class, Pentecostal or Anglican, no one is exempt.

We all have a tailormade coat waiting for us.

Unspeakable joy will flood our hearts and we will find upon our heads a ‘crown of beauty instead of the ashes’.

In my new song, I sing,

“The Joy of the Lord is my strength, it’s carried me all of my days,

My sorrow I leave in the grave, cos I’ve got a garment of praise… hey hey!”

So the world can only give us Prada (can I say though that the shoes look very cool 🤓!)

But heaven gives us the belt of truth…

Jesus is our Garment of Praise.

Go on.

Put it on.

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