Martin Smith brings brand new ‘Trouble’ featuring The Kingdom Choir

Martin Smith first burst onto the music scene with his band Cutting Edge in 1992. Predominantly focused on writing and performing Christian worship music, the band had significant success both in the UK and internationally. A few years later and following a serious road accident which left him hospitalised for several weeks, Smith made the decision to become a full-time musician and the band Delirious? was born. 

Over the next decade Delirious? became one of the world’s most successful Christian pop-rock bands, with sell-out shows across the UK. Unsurprisingly, their music crossed over to the mainstream UK charts with support from BBC Radio One and appearances on TV shows such as The Big Breakfast. The band went on to support Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams on tour and eventually split in 2009. 

Continuing over the years both as a solo artist, and as part of his new band Army of Bones, Smith has made a name for himself as one of the UK’s most prolific songwriters. With a loyal army of fans, his work has amassed millions of streams across Spotify and YouTube. 

From early in his career he has been both seeking to make history and encourage others to do so. This is not only evident in his songwriting and musical prowess, but through the various charities he is involved in, including Common Song, an organisation that donates songwriting royalties to domestic and global causes. 

In 2019 Martin released a new solo album, “Iron Lung” to critical acclaim. Describing it as a “celebration of life, love, and faith” the album was a deeply personal reflection on his own life, a break away from the more conventional praise and worship sound that he is known for with elements of alt-rock and pop embedded at its core. 

Fast forward two years and Martin is ready to release a brand new record. Born out of the struggles of a world fighting the Covid 19 pandemic, times that have “gone beyond challenging and testing”, the album was written and recorded during the UK’s lockdown. 

Debut single ‘Dancing in the Fire’ has had support from BBC Radio Two, and has already clocked up over 20,000 streams on Spotify. Hot on its heels is second release ‘Trouble’, a collaboration between Martin and The Kingdom Choir, known more recently for playing at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

“I remember at the beginning of lockdown feeling disorientated, anxious and worried about the future.  I decided there and then that I would try and keep making music, keep my head up and find a song that would lead me out of trouble. It is such an honour to have the mighty Kingdom Choir on this song.  It has been one of my favourite collaborations ever.”

Emotive with elements of Martin’s signature sing-along anthemic style, ‘Trouble’ is a coming together of his rockier, more contemporary production and soaring gospel choruses that can’t help but make you want to stand up and sing loudly. It’s a song about positivity, unity and a fight for better days ahead.  

“I might get these lyrics printed on a T-shirt… my mantra for life…” 

– Kate Bottley – BBC Radio Two

“Always seeking a fresh way of presenting timeless truths…” 

– Never For Nothing 

“He still believes music has the power to change lives…” 

– Premiere Christianity 

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