Marizu releases much anticipated album “Forever”

After months of teasers, HFP is glad to unveil Marizu’s highly-anticipated album, “Forever” – a timeless reflection on the believer’s unique relationship with Christ. It features award-winning artists CalledOut Music, Mayo, Sal Ly, and TKE3. With a mix of LoFi, Afrobeats and Pop, he highlights the trials and tribulations we face and the peace and joy we find amidst the chaos. 

Composed of ten soul-soaked tracks, “Forever” takes listeners on a journey through Marizu’s mind; as relatable as it is deep. Delivering his vocals atop calm afro melodies, Marizu captures the multifaceted nature of God – how He imparts wisdom within the confusion, reminding us that all things truly work together for our good.

Speaking on this project, the artist shares, “This project is about my relationship with my Heavenly Father and His love and attitude towards me. I find joy in knowing that even with the large population of the world, I am of utmost importance to Him; we all individually are. I want people to know how much they matter to God. His plans for them will always triumph any and every challenge that’s thrown their way. His sacrifice wasn’t just for our salvation and in this project I’ll be sharing a lot more about it.  I want people to know that they can trust God with everything.” 

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