Marcia Dixon to host 6th edition of ‘Destined to Soar’ Women’s Breakfast

Christian women will be encouraged and empowered to build successful ministries that have maximum impact at the 6th Destined to Soar Women’s Ministries Breakfast taking place on March 3 at the Holiday Inn – Whitechapel, east London from 10am – 2pm.

Guest speakers at this event, jointly hosted by Keep the Faith magazine and Marcia Dixon PR, are, ministry leader and Wise Women Awards founder, Pastor Marjorie Esomowei who’ll share how leaders can develop emotional and spiritual intelligence and Businesswoman and Leadership Trainer, Claudine Reid MBE who will detail how to set up the right organisational structure to facilitate ministry activities and growth. Fashion designer/stylist Jeanette Young is the MC.

Marcia Dixon stated, “I meet many female leaders who desire their ministries to grow, and have greater impact as well as those interested in starting a ministry. The speakers at the next DTS breakfast have experienced success in both the church, civic society and the business world, and have a wealth of experience that will help those who attend build successful ministries as well as those who run charities and businesses.”

The DTS breakfasts were first launched in December 2015 to provide a forum where women could learn the practicalities of building a successful ministry and network with like-minded women.

Since it’s inauspicious start, over 200+ women have attended the breakfasts and there are now women with testimonies of how information learnt at the breakfasts helped them fulfil their ministry objectives.  Some have grown their ministries utilising the information they learnt, others have expanded internationally, and some have left the breakfasts understanding what it takes, spiritually, mentally and financially to build a successful ministry.

DTS Breakfast founder Marcia Dixon has a wealth of experience working with ministries, charities, gospel artists and businesses, through her work as a columnist at The Voice and former editor of Keep the Faith, as well as via running her own PR businesses. Her former clients include KICC, the Metropolitan Police, Tear Fund, The Wise Women Awards, Muyiwa, Bishop Wayne Malcolm, the Redeemed Christian Church of God and many more.

Marcia shared, “I feel it’s my duty to provide to share some of the insights I’ve learnt working with some of Britain’s leading ministries and churches.  The breakfasts give me the chance to do that, as well as provide opportunities for women who have established successful ministries to share what they have learnt so others can learn from them.” She added, “It’s my desire to see women thrive in their callings and build successful ministries and if the DTS Breakfasts help them do that then it’s fulfilled its purpose.”

It’s Marcia’s aim for the breakfasts to expand nationally and internationally so that leaders of female ministries across the UK have a forum where they can share with each other and learn how to build ministries that impact the world.

The ministry breakfast will take place on March 3rd from 10am – 2pm at Holiday Inn, Whitechapel, London. Admission is £32.50 (includes Full English breakfast plus attendees receive a goody bag and cupcakes). Click flyer to register.