Manchester businesswoman to help people write their story and publish their book

Tarnya Coley is an award-winning business woman based in Manchester. She is on a mission to teach people to write a book  as she believes everyone has a story to share that can inform, empower and inspire someone. Tarnya will be hosting the Authors Breakfast on June 11 at Holiday Inn Manchester – West, Liverpool Street, Salford.  People will enjoy a full breakfast and learn how to write their book in 90 days.

She’ll be joined by speakers Lisa Chee MBE, a successful foodpreneur who won Gordon Ramsay’s F Word competition and Mumba Kafola, an author and award-winning personal development consultant. Tarnya was inspired to start her publishing company in 2018 after: 

(i)        running confidence workshops with cancer sufferers and victims of domestic abuse and seeing how they were positively empowered when they shared their stories and 

(ii)       her work as a lecturer became overwhelming and was unable to spend quality time with her family. 

To date TC Publishing has published 12 titles, and currently has another 12 titles in the pipeline Aside from her publishing work Tarnya is a coach, speaker and has also published a book herself and also published books by her mother. Tarnya was born to a teenage mother who was told she wouldn’t amount to anything.  However, Tarnya’s mother went on to get a degree, have a successful career in social work and since retiring has written books. 

Tarnya is a good example of a woman who made a decision to have a career doing something she loves and have a good life/work balance. Click image below to book your ticket.