Makpo back from hiatus with uplifting track ‘Take Your Place’

Makpo is a Gospel singer/songwriter, worship leader and author based in London, UK. After his last release in December 2020, he took a break from music. During that time, he discovered a deep passion in worship amidst life challenges. Now back with this new uplifting single, ‘Take Your Place’ is a soft rock worship song that will speak to the spirits of many. Needless to say, we have truly missed Makpo’s tunes. 

Opening with soft keys, followed by his sonorous vocals layered with celestial backings; this track is a melodious prayer beckoning the Holy Spirit to take His place in our lives. He highlights the believer’s need for guidance and comfort in all areas of life. Are you about to pray, make a critical decision or just carry on with business as usual? ‘Take Your Place’ is a perfect start; a song for every believer.

Speaking on how the song came to be, Makpo explains that it started off only as a prayer chorus written by his friend, Seun many years ago. He recently found the song on replay in his spirit and realized how much of a blessing it had been to him. Wanting to share that feeling with others, with the help of his wife, Odunola, He added a verse and a bridge, and ‘Take Your Place’ was born.

‘We can achieve so much more with the help of the Holy Spirit. In fact, the journey is meant to be done in the Spirit – “Walk in the Spirit”. I pray ‘Take Your Place’ song is a blessing to you as it has been to me’ Makpo explained.

Makpo plans to release more songs that capture the heart of worship and some life experiences in hope that someone somewhere on this side of eternity is blessed.

Co-written by John Omamakpo Okeme, Oluwaseun Ebenezer Adelanwa and Odunola Okeme. Produced, mixed and mastered by Michael Olamide Idowu. Cover Art by JA Brand Designs.

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