Mainstream Worship release debut single with DREAM Label Group

DREAM Label Group are pleased to announce the signing of Orlando, Florida worship group Mainstream Worship.  DREAM will be adding Mainstream to it’s DREAM Records roster of artists.  Alongside this announcement is the release of their debut single ‘More Of You’. Sung by Josh Daughtry, this song was produced by Kyle Timian and was written by Joshua Daughtry, Kyle Timian, Melanie Rivera, and Sydney James.

“’More of You’ is a prayer of desperation to God for greater understanding and greater dependence on Him. It recognizes the provision that relationship with him brings into our lives. We hope this song brings the realization of every person’s great need for a deep connection to him every minute and every hour of every day.” – Josh Daughtry, Mainstream Worship

Listen to ‘More of You’ on all streaming platforms here

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