Lyrical Soldier – RISE UP ft Papa San [Music Video]


Michael Aygei is an upcoming artist in the Gospel scene, raised in the UK but of a Ghanaian heritage, he is indeed a soldier in the army of The Lord! Matter of fact he is known to us as Lyrical Soldier.

It seemed as though it was God’s will for his ministry to be in music, so from the tender young age of 11 he was mixing metaphors, scribbling down bars and spitting or rapping to beats with his brother and before long he was part of an MC group!

After a time realizing his actions did not reflect his preaching, he turned his back on the secular living and picked up the mic this time for The Gospel of Jesus Christ!

That’s where Lyrical’s single Close to You came from. He shares his understanding and the importance of having a relationship with The Father, from religion to relationship; in that you could know the Bible, be able to quote scriptures but if you don’t have a relationship you can’t grow, all your knowledge will surpass to nothing.

Check out his Close To You track below and also one of our favourites Introduce Me

Michael O