Lurine Cato’s ‘Power’ a commercial sound with a Gospel message?

American inspirational Giants Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary achieved it (Shackles & Stomp). 1990’s British Gospel-Soul outfit Nu Colors and Paradise managed to find the right blend and ingredients, and I am convinced that Lurine Cato has come very close to finding the correct formula and algorithm.

What exactly am I ranting on about?

The production of a gospel message incorporated within a commercial sound.

Power is a brilliant groove that will cut across secular and gospel airwaves. A dance track, but at the same time a powerful message that will appeal to you irrespective of what side of the line you stand.

A track I believe that should co-exist between Radio 1 commercial stations and the humble Premier Gospel.

Not so sure about the single cover, but convinced that Cato and her team may have just stumbled across the holy music grail……A Gospel message enshrined in a commercial sound.

‘Power’ will be officially available on Friday 23rd October, 2015.

Steve Alexander Smith
Author: British Black Gospel & Freelance Writer

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