Los Profetas ‘Light It Up’ ft. Pablo shows how global CHH is

I had never heard of Los Profetas until this song ‘ Light It Up‘. The song which blends reggaeton elements and hip-hop and is a great example of what CHH has done and how far its come from humble beginnings. Los Profetas does a great job on the production that sits well between the rap and Latin flavouring.

Notably, Los Profetas isn’t the first artist or most prominent in the Latin/Spanish led Christian rap sphere. There are a plethora of artists who champion this art in their native countries & tongue spanning from Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Puerto Rico to Chile. Artists include Redimi2, Aposento Alto, Funky, Rubonsky Rbk, Lizzy Parra, Selahwan, No Soy Igual, Alex Zurdo, Vico C,  La Cuarta Tribu & DJ Scuff.

At one point it was just a handful with T-Bone at the forefront but now it has grown exponentially as you can see above.

Where can you find more?  Google is your friend my friend!