London Urban Hero Awards celebrates courage and determination

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Yesterday 14th March, the first ever London Urban Hero Awards was held at the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal FC. Every award winner’s story captures how they have triumphed over personal adversity or are making a positive difference in the lives of others in their local community.

Told via short nomination videos after dinner each winner then took to the stage amidst applause and cheers, to receive their award trophy from an Eden London supporter.

Hundreds of guests gathered to celebrate, including friends, family, Message Trust and Eden Network staff and supporters, to celebrate the achievements of nominees and winners. Youth dance groups and bands from around London, entertained the guests throughout the evening, showcasing talents on perhaps their biggest platform so far.

“If you believe the mainstream media,” said Daniel Haigh, Eden London Director, “some might say that this generation of teenagers are a hopeless cause, especially those growing up in London’s tough inner-city estates.”

“Well, at Eden, that’s simply not our experience and our teams of youth and community workers are out there literally 24-7/365 in some of the city’s most hard-pressed neighbourhoods. We are extremely grateful to our sponsors, especially RBS, who have made it possible for us to run the event.”

The London Urban Hero Awards celebrates the achievements, the courage and the determination Urban London youth who, despite facing challenges that would have crushed many, have risen above their circumstances.

Everyone had a fantastic time and left totally inspired to from the positive messages, networking with like-minded and progressive individuals and not least the many artists including Baliva and Jahaziel to name a few.

In the video below meet Urban Hero Champion Award London 2014 Chanelle Fulgence. 19 year old Chanelle is a regular fixture at the Embrace dance group in Bow, East London. To the younger girls in the group she has become a real source of encouragement and support. But it wasn’t long ago that she needed that support herself. By the age of 15 Chanelle was caught up in a world of drugs and crime. “My life before Embrace was hectic…I though it was a game until I realised it wasn’t a game..”

Click the link for more information about Eden London and contact London Regional Director, Daniel Haigh at

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