London Rapper Feed’Em live on ‘You Can Know The Half’ Tour

London-based rapper Feed’Em independently released his debut mixtape You Can Know the Half, late last year and is currently performing live across the UK on his You Can Know The Half Tour. The mixtape was well received, picking up regional and national airplays on UCB 1 UK and Luv316, attracting support on established music our website aStepFWD, and FlockPoint7.

Feed’Em is a rap artist with gospel and conscious driven lyricism. The 24 years old, brings a refreshing sound of truth and emotions to the UK hip-hop scene. His music is described as captivating, energetic and though-provoking. With most of the events offering free entry we recommend you to go out and discover this up and coming talent!

You Can Know the Half takes listeners on an honest journey of his past and current struggles in a way they can relate, be inspired and enjoy the creative output. The concept behind You Can Know the Half comes from the saying “you don’t even know the half of it”. This is often an expression to say you don’t know the whole story. Feed’Em hopes by sharing that “half” people will reflect on God’s glory in everyday scenarios.

Featuring vocals and productions from other up and coming artistes and producers, this project is both honest and sonically with the times. Available for FREE download, get yourself a copy of the mixtape You Can Know the Half

Feed'em Tour


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