LEELAND announce new album with first single featuring TAYA

LEELAND introduce ‘Heart & Flesh’, the debut single from their upcoming album “City of God”. ‘Heart & Flesh’, inspired by Psalm 84, features a haunting melody led by LEELAND and TAYA. This is the first feature from Australian singer-songwriter TAYA outside of Hillsong and her own self-titled successful debut album.

The new song was written by Leeland Mooring, Taya Gaukrodger, and Casey Moore and it exists to remind the people of God that He is in the middle of the chaos and upheaval in our lives. ‘Heart & Flesh’ resonates in the tension, that though we cannot always change our circumstances, we can focus on the One who can.

The new single carries the conceptual and musical core of LEELAND’s forthcoming album, introducing listeners to the fresh space in which the trailblazing Houston-based band have been living and creating for the past two years.