Leading Industry Executives to Lecture on Free Music Biz Course

Back in January 2014 (how time flies) we attended a successful event that was very inspiring and reminded us of a core aStepFWD objective, empowerment. This was the impact of Essential Music & Business Seminar put on by Ryan J. Bruce, an enigmatic young music industry professional who from then was one to watch.

Fast forward to 2016 and Ryan, the founder and director of the now-defunct Music Management Company Glocal World Entertainment, has announced the launch of the ‘Sanaa Music Business Academy’. The new Music Business Education Institute will act as the Education Division of newly-founded company, Sanaa Music Group.

The ‘School’ will primarily offer an Introductory Short Course in Practical Music Business Administration, covering key areas including Record Labels, Music Publishing & Licensing, Management, Media, Marketing, Music Law and the Live & Touring Industry.

Ryan has enlisted some of the Music Industry’s Leading Professionals to Lecture on the Course. They will include Mercury Music Prize Founder & MMF President Jon Webster, Sheridans Law Firm Partner and ‘Legal 500’ Listed Lawyer Tahir Basher, Keith Kirk of BMG, SYCO Music’s Digital Channel Manager Jason Edwards (listed in Music Week’s 2016 “30 Under 30” list), MTV’s Music Editor Lindsay Wesker, with more to be confirmed.

When asked why he felt the need to create this initiative, Course Founder and Facilitator Ryan Bruce said: “As soon as I started working with Artists and up-and-coming Music Professionals not unlike myself a few years ago, I instantly became aware of how many of them just had little-to-no clue about how the Music Business actually works”.

He added: “I then made it my mission to make relevant and up-to-date Music Business Education more accessible to those who need it however I could. Whether it was offering free advice on Social Media via posts and videos, or putting on conferences like the Essential Music Biz Seminar and The Industry Insider Event we done with PPL. The Sanaa Music Biz Academy is simply a natural evolvement of that. Most of the information we will teach is already out there. However the course is just about getting people to understand it in a structured, comprehensive way”.

The Academy’s Inaugural Term will start in June 2016 and will be offered to Students FREE of Charge. Classes will be held at the Museum of London Learning Centre.

For more information, visit www.sanaa-music.com to view a Prospectus and details on Admission & Enrolment.