LCGC @ 30 sings out on London Underground and at The Shard


London Community Gospel Choir took to the streets of London ahead of their big Southbank weekend in May, bringing to life the words spoken by Jesus to “…go out into the highways and byways…”

Apart from recent excursions on the tube and other impomptu locations across the capital LCGC recently took their lovely vocal skills to Europe’s tallest building, the 72 storey Shard

BritishGospelArts summed up the underground performance nicely with the comment below:
This was too much fun! London commuters at 8am are not the friendliest of people, but who would be, packed like sardines on their way to work everyday? Though some may not have shown it, deep down within they were happy. Some said it made their day, people were singing at Kings Cross station even after we left. Check London Community Gospel Choir out in full at 30choirfestival at Southbank Centre, Waterloo, London 4-6 May. Celebrity concert on Sunday 5 May, Royal Festival Hall“.