LAUNCHED – The Children’s Church Project – “Nurturing a childlike faith”

Just launched is the Children’s Church Project – a hub for resources for your church or home, to help enrich children on their Christian journey. Through music, books, games, and activities, they aim to ignite a long-lasting fire and passion for God, in children.

The 1st of July 2020, marked the official launch of the Children’s Church Project – the CCP, and first up is the release of their first single I’m in the Lord’s Army and book, I’m Not Scared of the Holy Ghost’.

Taken from Volume 1 of the CCP Music Project, I’m in the Lord’s Army is a modern take on a classic, well known Sunday school action song, and is a perfect example of what’s to come musically. MOBO Award-winning producer, Adrian Moore says ‘the aim is to breath new life into these timeless songs, ensuring they grow with kids, and continue to be passed on- with pride, from generation to generation.’

As well as the single, the CCP launch also culminates with the first book to be published by the organisation – I’m Not Scared of the Holy Ghost’, written by Melissa Moore. This is a funny and heartwarming story about Blossom – a seven-year-old little girl who is terrified that the Holy Ghost could be living in her home! The book carefully guides Blossom from fear to understanding, that the Holy Ghost isn’t someone to run or hide from, but someone sent by God, who we all need.

This is just the beginning for the CCP, with many more products for Christian learning and development on the horizon. Head over to their website to hear ‘I’m in the Lord’s Army’, to get your copy of ‘I’m Not Scared of the Holy Ghost’ and to see what’s coming next! You can also connect with the Children’s Church Project via their Facebook | Instagram