Latest rap release by ViZION UnCovered titled ‘Genesis 2:7’

Inspired during a time when a spotlight was placed on social injustices, this is the second single release from the “ViZION” album led by De.V/ZION. In the Bible, Genesis 2:7 speaks of how man became a living being after receiving the breath of life from God. Sin has caused the world to be in a broken state with many left without hope. The ViZION UnCovered collective mentioned that they ‘believe that God can renew lives and give us the grace to remain hopeful of a better tomorrow. As much as we fight injustices, and seek to build better character and relationships around us, we should also be preparing for life after here’.

For ViZION UnCovered, the motto is: ‘You can #BreatheAGAIN’.

‘Genesis 2: 7’ features De.V/ZION and amazing young producer, Ginka TMP. The single comes coupled with a ‘Daily Duppy’ type lyric video to ensure that listeners get the full experience of vibes and message. This video was produced by King ED Studios.

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