Lamp Mode Recording artist S.O. delivers video ‘Right Here, Right Now’

Lamp Mode Recording’s first international hip-hop artist, S.O. (Seun Otukpe) continues to deliver his own brand of what has been labeled “emo rap” in this latest video for ‘Right Here, Right Now’, the No.6 track off his So It Ends album. Heart, soul and lyrical mastery are just some trademarks of each S.O. release.

S.O. acknowledges he’s not the only person that has experienced pain, and he wants to show others how to find comfort in Christ during the storms of life. “That’s what I want my music to be,” S.O. said. “I want my music to be the music that comforts those in affliction, that brings joy to people, that encourages the heart, that encourages the soul.”

Right Here, Right Now was submitted to the March 2016 listing of the UK Christian Chart which continues to champion new and established local talent, so look out for more voting news soon.

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The full album is available for purchase on iTunes.