Kingdmusic releases brand new Afro-Love hit ‘Kundi’

Kingdmusic, the multi-talented SAMA award-winning artist, songwriter, worship leader and record producer, is set to captivate hearts worldwide with his new single, Kundi. The song, whose title is a shortened form of Mukundi, meaning conqueror in Venda, takes listeners on a romantic journey dedicated to Kingdmusic’s wife and their shared love.

Drawing inspiration from his cultural roots as a member of a royal family in Venda, Kingdmusic gave the name Mukundi to his wife when they got married, symbolising love, and a commitment to reign together in life’s adventures. The song is a melodic expression of deep affection and the joy of finding a lifelong partner.

Collaborating with Grammy Award-winning producer CTEA, Kingdmusic was in Ghana when he created this masterpiece. The fusion of Kingdmusic’s soulful vocals and CTEA’s exceptional production skills resulted in a sound that seamlessly blends Afro rhythms with contemporary elements, promising to make Kundi one of the standout Afro-love hits of 2024.

Speaking about the song, Kingdmusic shared, “Kundi is not just a song; it’s a celebration of the conquering power of love. It’s a testament to the beauty of commitment and the joy of building a life with someone special. I am thrilled to share this musical journey with my fans and hope that Kundi becomes a soundtrack for lovers around the world.”

Known for his vibrant musicality, Kingdmusic started singing at his home church at the age of 12 and began writing songs at 14. His musical journey led him to record his first R&B single, Always Loving You, at a young age, setting the stage for a successful career in the music industry. Kingdmusic has accumulated over 22 million streams on Spotify alone, continuing to expand his global audience year after year.

Kundi is now available on all major streaming platforms! Follow Kingdmusic on social media: Instagram: @kingdmusic Twitter: @kingdmusic

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