Keep the blessing of music alive via new “Play It FWD” crowdfunding campaign

Today we are really excited to announce our new crowdfunding campaign Play It FWDKeeping the blessing of music alive. We have a burning desire to make a real difference by spreading the gospel through music and would love for you to partner with us to raise £56,500 to bring the vision to life in 2021.

Our aim is simple: to increase awareness of UK gospel and contemporary music within both Christian and secular spaces by producing high-quality media content/ shows on TV & radio and digital platforms to highlight and support talented artists.

Over the last 6 years, has become the one-stop-shop for, especially UK-based news, reviews, music and so much more. It is also home to the most diverse and comprehensive listing of Christian & Gospel artists and industry professionals in the United Kingdom through our curation of the UK Christian Charts.  We have recognised, that although there is a lot of great Christian/God edifying music being made in the UK, there is limited support and resources to deliver this wealth of content to the fingertips of music enthusiasts, both in the Christian and secular spaces. This also affects the artists as it prevents them from being able to completely focus on their craft while trying to make ends meet.

We have several key objectives that we aim to fulfill over the next 12 months that will help us to continue to support the spreading of the gospel through music and we would love your support to achieve these, namely:

Registration of A Step FWD as a recognised, non-profit charity in the UK. Such a significant step will enable AStepFWD to bolster public confidence and provide greater access to funds via grants, donations and tax relief, thereby ensuring the continued success of our initiatives and objectives for years to come. We estimate this will enable AStepFWD to access at least 5x the funds we have been receiving yearly. 

Invest money to overhaul and improve the UK Christian Charts so that it continues to be recognised in the music industry and increases the reach of Christian music. We aim to increase media reach and PR to music influencers and enthusiasts across all categories. This will enable our content to be played on more mainstream outlets across online, TV & Radio, reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers yearly. 

Youth Development – To set up a bursary scheme to help at least 15 artists yearly to develop themselves spiritually and creatively. Our passion for the development of younger artists who need financial support is at the heart of everything we do. Critical support will include dedicated mentorship schemes from established artists, music lessons, studio and writing support, pastoral care and empowering them to showcase their talent through events, festivals and album launches.

Radio Shows – Syndicated radio shows to partner with the best stations globally. To further promote Christian and Gospel music and upcoming artists through the development of carefully curated radio shows to reach the masses. These shows will be aired on main radio channels and also online. At aStep FWD, we aim to reach a minimum of 20,000 listeners per show by the end of 2021 

TV/ Video – Shows on TV and digital platforms to highlight and support talented artists. Does anybody read anymore?? The best way to reach the new generation of millennials with edifying music and art is through high quality, consistent visual content that showcases the best of UK talent. This fund will be used to contribute towards the development of at least 3 separate shows/ series with weekly or monthly releases of new episodes.

We hope this campaign excites you as much as us! We have a great team of over 100 volunteers spanning across Europe, Africa and Asia and have no doubt that we can build on our track record in the music industry and continue to make a real difference! If you believe in what we do and would like to partner with us to achieve our vision, we would appreciate it if you can donate via our JustGiving page.

Your financial support, combined with the strength and diversity of the Step FWD team will help us achieve our goal – to put Christian and Gospel music on the map so we can inspire the Christian and also reach the unconverted. Click the image below and donate today!