Keep practicing, pushing, performing and progressing!


It’s not really rocket science. The more you do something the better you’ll become at it. Sometime we’re so focused on the amazing thing that we want to become and we want to become it overnight without going through the process.

Everything has a process and you have to be patient, disciplined and dedicated enough to go through that process.
The journey to becoming great has a start and that start is not perfection. If you’re waiting to be great before you get started it will NEVER happen.

Sometimes it’s difficult, You might have a gift but feel that there are blockages to it going to the next level. Often we blame external circumstances, claiming there are not enough opportunities or you don’t have enough funds etc but what can you do with what you do have?

We are very blessed to be living in a time when there is such great technology and easy access to information, make the most of it! Whatever your talent is, you can research online or read relevant books. There are also great videos on YouTube to help improve your skills.

Do whatever you can, and make use of the resources you have until you’re in the position that you’d like to be. Whatever your talent is, make use of relevant opportunities. Don’t hide your talent. If there are no opportunities, create one!! Exercise your gift so that it can grow and not die. Keep working in the ‘dark’ and eventually it will be seen in the ‘light’.

The target should never be perfection, it should always be progress. Keep practicing, pushing, performing and progressing.

You never know when opportunity will knock so make sure you’re ready for when it does come.

My name is Love and these are my notes.