July 2015 Top 10 Chart

Close encounters of the first kind in July where results were so matching we ended up with our first ‘tie’ of the year. 30 tracks submitted and the Judges were impressed with some chart first-timers. The summer vibe was in full swing though and made for a very happy Top 10 result!

[item title=”#1 MAKE ME HAPPY – V9 Collective”][/item]
[item title=”#2 I AM YOURS – Balé”][/item]
[item title=”#3 KEEP FIGHTING – Mighty Men Experience”][/item]
[item title=”#4 GRATEFUL – Fiona Yorke”][/item]
[item title=”#5 THE RIGHT PERSON – Breis”]
[item title=”#6 INSEPERABLE LOVE – Derin”][/item]
[item title=”#7 I BOW DOWN – R.Ike”][/item]
[item title=”#8 SHINING ON – Karl Nova ft. Michelle John”][/item]
[item title=”#9 SAME WAY – Means & Evanjo”][/item]
[item title=”#9 IN MY HEAD – Jelz ft. Christine Asamoah”][/item]
[item title=”#10 GOLD (My Testimony) – Kbillionz”][/item]

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