Judges Voting February 2016

23 months of chart history and hundreds of prove it the UK Christian Chart keeps growing from strength to strength. We’ve been tweaking website coding behind the scenes so a little behind schedule for February, but thank you for the concern expressed by so many. 28 submissions to choose from, so as usual, please listen/watch all tracks and let the voting begin!

NOTE: With our new website just five months old we are still working to give you the best experience possible. Feel free to send in your feedback.

EXTENDED DEADLINE: 8pm on Sunday, 13th March 2016


• You only have to register once
• Listen to ALL tracks before you vote by tapping the track name
• select your Number 1 track from the 1st column, Number 2 track from the 2nd column and Number 3 track from the 3rd column
• click the vote button at the bottom
• you can only vote once for each track

if ($screenWidth > “959”) {
echo ‘

[total-poll id=”16364″]
[total-poll id=”16591″]
[total-poll id=”16592″]

else {
echo ‘
[columns_row width=”third”]
[column][total-poll id=”16364″][/column]
[column][total-poll id=”16591″][/column]
[column][total-poll id=”16592″][/column]

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