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What a fantastic year 2015 has been. So much great music from amazing artists and musicians. With a whopping 25% increase in the overall number of submissions to the UK Christian Chart as well, the success of our Kickstarter campaign followed by our brand new DesignBySpirit website definitely had the impact we hoped for. It’s now time to look back at all the top tracks of last year, to decide the 2015 No.1. As the year started in February, just 11 tracks to choose from but will be a tough one!

NOTE: We are still tweaking to give you the best experience possible so feel free to send in your feedback.


• You only have to register once
• Listen to ALL tracks before you vote by tapping the track name
• select your Number 1 track from the 1st column, Number 2 track from the 2nd column and Number 3 track from the 3rd column
• click the vote button at the bottom
• you can only vote once for each track
Voting Deadline: midnight Tuesday 12th January, 2016 (extended to midnight Wednesday 13th)
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