Juanita Francis encourages with ‘You Are With Me’ on Gospel Heritage project

The “Gospel Heritage” playlist from Platoon continues to bless audiences throughout the UK in a much needed time. In the midst of the nation mourning the loss of Queen Elizabeth II, it will be comforting for people to know that God is ever-present in any situation we face. The playlist serves as fresh inspiration and a backdrop of hope in these unprecedented times.

Today, we will be enjoying another UK artist’s contribution to the landmark project. Juanita Francis does Gospel with a Country twist on ‘You Are With Me’, an up tempo song about how God is with you in every situation you face.

“The song came out of a tough season I went through. I realised no matter what I was facing God was with me through my friends and family’s presence in my life.”

‘You Are With Me’ by Juanita Francis is now available on all streaming platforms.