Joshua Luke Smith releases his brand new debut album “The Void”

Presenting a sincere account of his journey through grief and solitude, Joshua Luke Smith releases his debut album “The Void” which is characterised by a lively contour of spoken word, contemporary soul and upbeat confessional Rap. The album is pensive and philosophical; however, it should not be mistaken as a simple outpouring of desolation. Through his poetic references and metaphorical writing, Joshua Luke Smith inspires listeners to find peace and strength in their inner void. Joshua puts his trust in collaborators such as; Kyra, Rachel Jane, Madison Ryann and Dani Miché to amplify his sentiment through powerful lyrical hooks and moments of soulful vulnerability.

Joshua Luke Smith is a poet for the people, a vocalist and producer blending rap, R&B and soul with a natural knack for storytelling. After nearly a decade of making music, his self-released debut album “The Void” comes with crowdfunded support from fans. Smith has been praised in Complex, featured on BBC Radio 1Xtra, and collaborated with artists like Oddisee and Jake Isaac. As Smith himself says, his music is made to “speak into the chaos” of the modern world, distilling his own experience of grief and trauma into something anyone can relate to.

Speaking on the album, Joshua explains; “Everything comes from nothing. Yet the idea of nothing can be so terrifying. Barrenness, emptiness and void speak of inactivity, scarcity and failure and the more I explored this concept, the more I became aware of the spaces within myself that I feared the most. Shame, grief and the gnawing sense of lack that haunted me. We have only discovered 4% of our universe, the rest of it is ominous dark matter, a void of unchartered terrain and unfathomable potential. I stumbled upon the writings of the Roman poet Lucretius who lead me with his courageous and creative voice to face the cosmic void within, revealing when we face what we fear the most, we create the potential for something new to be born. That’s what made this album, a journey through the waters of existential pondering, loss and renewal, breaking and remaking, forgiveness and wonder.”

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